Georgia Grand Chapter
- Order of The Eastern Star -

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June 19. 2013

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Fluer Des Leas
Tapestry Grand Family

Carol J.Powell

Worthy Grand Matron

Dean Wallace,

Worthy Grand Patron



Sheryl Glass Elrod

Associate Grand Matron

Randall Markham

Associate Grand Patron



Mike Looney, PGP

Grand Secretary

Jo L. Cullifer, PGM

Grand Treasurer




Margaret McCone

Grand Conductress

Teena Culpepper

Associate Grand Conductress



Martha VanNouhuys

Grand Chaplain

Martha Dykes

Grand Lecturer



Lucy Rampley

Grand Marshal

Joann Bruner

Grand Organist



Kim Gunby

Grand Adah

Nancy Verner

Grand Ruth

Becky Wallace

Grand Esther

Gayle Burkett

Grand Martha

Dorthey Lindsey

Grand Electa





Paul Gardner

Grand Warder

Bill Conner

Grand Sentinel


Session Appointments



J. Montine Mize PGM

Grand Parliamentarian

Nancy Ann Merka

Personal Secretary to the WGM




Virginia Hamilton

Personal Assistant to the WGM

Cindy Smith

Personal Secretary to the WGP



Laura Hollifield

Grand Poet Laureate

Jean Harris Ellis

Assistant Grand Organist



Phyllis Bolton

Grand Choir Director

Chris Jones

Blue Thread of Fidelity



Carolyn Ricks Elrod

Yellow Thread of Constancy

Carol Messer

White Thread of Loyalty



Kay Soutar

Green Thread of Immortality

Lynette Wright

Red Thread of Charity


Harriette Duncan

Grand Chapter Mother

Randal Rhinehart

Grand Chapter Father


Jerry Seaman

Grand Chapter Brother

John B. Cullens, PGP

Grand Drill Director



Mary Ann Hall

Assistant Grand Drill Director

Scott Trull

Mending Medic


Alma Joyce Wood

Seamstress of Security

Toney Greene

Tailor of Transportation